Tool Review: Social Snowball

There’s a new kid on the block in the affiliate marketing space: Social Snowball. 

Tool Review: Social Snowball

There’s a new kid on the block in the affiliate marketing space: Social Snowball

Let’s set the scene on the affiliate industry as a whole - You’ve got affiliate giants like Refersion, Referral Candy, and Lead Dyno - and they’ve never been particularly easy to integrate with or even exciting to work with. They’re basic tools that serve a limited purpose: Enable customers to create a link for them to promote products on my behalf, and they’ll get a kick back on every sale. And that’s essentially where the functionality ended. Born over 2 decades ago - they’ve gotten big and lazy - and there’s been little innovation. 

But Social Snowball’s Noah Tucker wants to disrupt that. As a marketer who’s developed dozens of affiliate marketing programs for D2C brands, he saw clear gaps in the functionality offered by the legacy tools and embarked on a bootstrapped journey to make affiliate marketing a channel that marketers and business owners find joy in leveraging. He’s pin-pointed 2 key areas of improvement to begin with, and has got much greater plans to come. 

1st area: Democratizing affiliates

We’re all “affiliates”, we refer friends to products & services all the time - We just don’t get the credit for it. That’s because becoming an affiliate of our favorite brands is never top of mind, we don’t have time for that - we let the “influencers” do it for us.  But what if we instantly became affiliates? What if there was zero friction in formally becoming an affiliate? At that point - we might start spreading word on our favorite brands a little more and get the credit we deserve. 

That’s the first feature that Noah’s built: On checkout, your customers are given a custom shareable link that will earn them rewards upon referring to their network. It’s an automatically generated link that you find natively on the thank you page and one that can be easily sent via their automated emails, Klaviyo and/or even Postscript (releasing Q4 2021). Your customers no longer need to dig for “partnership opportunity” links on your site, they’ll just automatically become a part of your affiliate network on purchase. This gives your brand an opportunity to massively grow your brand ambassadors - without any friction. 

2nd area: Facilitating payouts

You want more engaged affiliates? Pay them faster (and more - but you gotta figure that part out on your own). Social Snowball enables you to pay your entire affiliate network at once. With legacy tools like Refersion, you had to manually run through each affiliate and pay them upon request. With Social Snowball, a merchant wires funds into Social Snowball - and from there, they can bulk payout all of their affiliates. On the affiliate side, they have full flexibility in selecting how they’d like to be paid out: Bank transfer, Paypal wire, Amazon Gift Card, Starbucks credits…. Whatever they’d like.Here, both the merchant and the affiliate experience a more seamless payout experience - which enables the word of mouth flywheel to move faster. 

Beyond these 2 features - the Social Snowball platform looks modern and is a joy to navigate. There are great integrations on the way including Postscript, Zapier and Alloy and top secret improvements in “affiliate segmentation”. Basically - not all affiliates are created equal, so you may want to bucket them in various ways and cater to them with more individualized terms. 

Pricing-wise, you’ve got 3 plans available: 
  • Free + 15% on attributed revenue (limited features)
  • $39/mo + 10% on attributed revenue (full features)
  • $249/mo + 2.5% on attributed revenue (which comes with an account manager)

It’s still early days for Social Snowball - but already brands like VibeGym Gum are dropping legacy tools for it. 

I’ll leave you with a recent 5 star review: 

Massive game changer. Every single customer is literally out advertising for you and bringing you in sales. It started working on day 1 and even some big social media accounts are using them to make money. Brilliant. Definitely recommended no matter how big or small...