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GRIN is the only influencer marketing software built for ecommerce. From discovery & outreach to relationship management & campaigns, product seeding, discount codes & affiliate links, content & rights management, sales tracking & deep analytics - GRIN helps you do it all.


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GRIN Overview

GRIN is an influencer marketing software that enables brands to discover and collaborate with influencers, manage content, handle creator payments, and analyze the performance of influencer marketing campaigns. It provides various tools and features to optimize data, manage relationships, and integrate with websites and other software, offering a comprehensive solution for influencer marketing needs. GRIN aims to supercharge social strategy, leverage creator content, and improve brand reach, targeting various stakeholders including marketers, finance teams, developers, and business leaders​.

GRIN Integrations

GRIN integrates with your entire eCommerce tech stack and your creator tech stack. Key integrations include Meta, Shopify, TikTok, Twitter, Woocommerce and more. With their seamless platform and integrations, you can streamline your entire creator management workflow with a few clicks of your mouse. Additionally, GRIN integrates with your D2C brand's slack channels and email channels so that you can always stay on top of notifications and workflows.

GRIN Pricing

Grin's pricing starts at $999 per month, with a value-for-money rating of 4.6/5 based on 144 reviews. It offers a fully customizable platform tailored to your brand's needs, consolidating various costs onto one platform. The cost depends on specific needs like the number of users and influencers, and the required functionality. Grin doesn't charge per campaign nor limits content generation with budget restrictions, aiming to grow with your brand. It offers a free plan, subscription options, and a free trial, providing flexibility to use necessary features and skip the unneeded ones, making it a scalable solution for different programs.

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