12 New Running Brands You Should Know

We want you all to look good in 2022 when you’re out there running

12 New Running Brands You Should Know

We want you all to look damn good in 2022 when you’re out there running. Running is special because it’s the most basic and accessible sport, but it’s incredibly liberating. So if you ever needed any convincing to start, let this post be it. Wear some swaggy gear, and get after it. Here are…

The 12 new running brands you should know. 

1. Soar Running

Badass running gear from the UK. Make sure to check out their loud singlets that won’t leave you unnoticed. 

Soar Running

2. District Vision

District Vision researches and develops sports sunglasses and tools for runners.

District Vision

3. Ten Thousand

Ten Thousand is a sports apparel brand which stands for a stoic dedication to continuous improvement. They make famous workout shorts, but have expanded into other apparel lines.

Ten Thousand

4. Tracksmith

Founded in Boston in 2014, Tracksmith is an independent running brand built on a deep love for the sport. They craft products, tell stories and create experiences that enrich the running experience.


5. On Running

On was born in the Swiss alps with one goal: to revolutionize the sensation of running. It’s all based on one radical idea. Soft landings followed by explosive take-offs. Or, as they call it, running on clouds.

On Running

6. Atreyu

Atreyu designs and creates high-performance footwear offered on a subscription basis. Their running shoes are a game changer.


7. Satisfy Running

Satisfy Running is a boutique running apparel brand out of Paris. They believe that free minds lead to creativity and innovation and that moments of clarity create beauty and disruption.

Satisfy Running


Ciele aims to move people to movement, to connection and to community through considered running equipment and exceptional experiences. Designed for athletes and adventurers of all kinds.



Built on the foundation of inspiring change, Torsa creates running products to enhance performance, using design-led thinking and functionality at their core. Their mission is to inspire people to harness training in the pursuit of greatness.


10. Saysky

Established in Copenhagen, Saysky is on a mission to create premium performance sportswear and running wear with an urban and casual attitude.


11. Janji

Award-winning running apparel and gear designed for you and the planet, with 2% of every sale going towards their water charity partners.


12. Iffley Road

Sportswear and running gear that is technical, stylish and ethically sourced. Iffley Road only works with European fabrics and manufactures primarily in the UK and Europe.

Iffley Road

That's the list. Now your turn to pick what's right for you. And actually, one more thing to motivate you: "Way of the mind is to be still. Way of the body is to move". Go out there and move!