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Centro Commerce

Centro Commerce
Logistics & QC
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Inventory and operations software that accurately tracks inventory across multiple locations, allows you to create and manage POs, and has a smart alert feed to automatically detect stockout risks.

Centro Commerce

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Brands Using Centro Commerce

AI-Powered Operations with Centro

Centro Commerce's AI operations, powered by Centro AIM, revolutionize inventory management. Seamlessly preventing inventory risks, Centro coordinates end-to-end restocks, allowing brands to scale revenue without expanding their teams. Centro’s AI-driven platform helps brands master demand planning, purchase order management, and daily reconciliation. By leveraging Centro’s AIM, you can scale operational efficiency without having to scale headout.

Virtual Inventory & PO Control Center

Centro's Virtual Inventory Control Center, puts PO and inventory management power tools at your fingertips. Centro offers a centralized, visual dashboard, and provides full control over production, preventing overbuying, delays, and stock-outs with comprehensive visibility into the procurement process. With features such as PO exports, cash flow planning, and a user-friendly interface, Centro's Purchasing Hub enhances efficiency, reduces costs, and provides authentic insights for effective operations management.

Centro Commerce Pricing

Centro offers very clear and transparent pricing plans for their parter brands. They offer three tiers: Inventory Core ($89/month), Inventory Platform ($299/month) and Enterprise Scale (custom). Their most popular plan is their Inventory Platform plan which includes everything in core as well as features like: Bill of Material breakdowns, unlimited 30-minute syncs, additional data integrations and multi-location tracking. Centro also offers 20% discounts when you opt for an annual plan

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