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Siena AI

Siena AI
CX & Helpdesk
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Siena AI is the world's first empathic AI customer service platform designed for commerce. We combine state-of-the-art large models, proprietary AI pipelines, true omnichannel capabilities, and empathic AI, to bring the first fully autonomous customer service platform.

Siena AI

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Autonomous Actions Like Never Before

Siena can autonomously perform actions for D2C brands, transforming their CX capabilities and blend human-like empathy with task efficiency. Through Siena’s AI personas, brand can cohesively portray their unique messaging and tones across platforms (email, SMS, social media). Brands set “goals” within Siena, like editing a subscription or sending a replacement, and Siena autonomously executes the required steps, interacting with systems like Shopify for data retrieval and system updates. Siena can perform multiple steps, pull data from connected systems and ask clarifying questions.

Human Empathy Through Personas

Siena is a customer service agent that not only gets the job done but also gets you and your brand. Siena is the first-ever AI CX platform to introduce AI personas to allow you to re-create your brand’s unique voice and style within your new CX team member. With AI Personas that go beyond just "Friendly" or "Professional", Siena allows you to create an AI that’s entertaining and witty on Instagram, and another AI that keeps it professional in emails.

Human Reasoning & Optimal Resolutions

Traditional CX platforms rely on branching tree logic. Siena’s CORE (Cognitive Reasoning-Based Engine) uses reasoning-based decision making to handle the complex reality of customer service. Think of Siena like a super-agent that weighs multiple factors in real-time to find the optimal solution for every ticket. Whether it's handling a complex refund request or a multi-step retention plan for subscription brands, Siena finds the optimal path to resolution. This capability unlocks a new world where AI can intelligently perform radically more complex tasks.

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