Rebuy Review: eCommerce Personalization Tool
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Rebuy Review: eCommerce Personalization Tool

RC Williams
Author: RC Williams
CEO of 1-800-D2C
Published on Nov 20, 2023

As the co-founder and CEO of both Rejuvia and 1-800-D2C, I get to see and use a lot of interesting eCommerce tools including Rebuy.

My D2C brand, Rejuvia, has been a customer of Rebuy for over a year now. We over 7-figures in direct-to-consumer revenue and are able to take advantage of the majority of Rebuy’s product suite.

In this tool review, I will breakdown exactly why we chose Rebuy over some of their competitors, the Rebuy features we use, the impact they have had on our business and my recommendation for Rebuy.

I will also talk about some of the product features that Rebuy offers that we do not currently use as well as discuss the Rebuy pricing model.

Let’s get started!

Overview of Rebuy, an eCommerce Personalization Tool

Rebuy is a very unique tool in the D2C world. There are not many tools out there that can combine all of the powerful personalization products that Rebuy offers into a single platform.

Rebuy brands themselves a Commerce AI company that offers an AI-powered personalization platform to help brands create engaging, individualized, and intelligent shopping experiences. Rebuy’s core products include: Upsell & Cross-Sell, Smart Cart™, and post-purchase offers.

There are over 10,000 D2C brands leveraging Rebuy to date. The platform has very clear ROI potential for D2C brands — it helps brands boost their Average Order Values (AOV), drive higher Conversion Rates (CVRs), increase Lifetime Value (LTV) and save brands precious time, money and energy by consolidating a lot of tools into a single platform.

Another key high-level benefit of Rebuy is that it’s a no-to-low code solution for brands. I personally cannot code at all and was able to get entirely set up on Rebuy without any support. When I wanted to customize my cart a bit further, Rebuy’s support team was able to write the custom Javascript code for me and implement it very quickly.

Key Features of the Rebuy Platform

Rebuy’s personalization platform has a lot of key features that you should be aware of when looking to maximize the value it can provide to your brand.

Here are a few of the key Rebuy features to know:

  • Smart Cart
  • Merchandising
  • Post Purchase Upsells
  • Dynamic Bundles
  • Smart Links
  • A/B Testing
  • Checkout Extensions

For my D2C brand Rejuvia, the main feature from Rebuy that we use is their Smart Cart. Rebuy’s Smart Cart is easily their top feature and most widely used product across the 10,000 brands that leverage their platform. It’s hard to find a top-tier D2C brand website that isn’t using a Rebuy Smart Cart!

Rebuy’s Smart Cart

Rebuy's Smart Cart™ is a very unique tool designed to transform the shopping cart experience for D2C brands. It offers AI-powered personalization, customization, and tons of integrated apps (Okendo, Recharge, Route, etc).

Smart Cart enables brands to build a shopping cart that aligns with their brand and engages customers effectively. Yo can utilize one-click widgets for features such as discount widgets, accelerated checkouts, intelligent upsells, gift-with-purchase, tiered progress bars, and switch-to-subscription functionality.

Without a doubt, Rebuy’s Smart Cart has driven incremental revenue for our D2C brand and has increased both our AOV and store conversion rate.

Smart Cart™ personalizes every touchpoint by combining Rebuy's proprietary AI with custom data sources, creating hyper-personalized shopping experiences based on customer preferences and behaviors. Rebuy can boost your AOV through recommendation widgets like Similar Products and Frequently Bought Together.

Rebuy’s Post-Purchase Product

Rebuy's Post-Purchase feature is designed to capitalize on the peak purchase intent after customers checkout, transforming underutilized moments into revenue-generating experiences.

I am a big fan of D2C brands having post-purchase upsells. At my brand, they drive a ton of value for us and well into the 5-figures of monthly revenue. I think for all D2C brands, the real estate of the Shopify post-purchase page is incredibly valueable and is a huge opportunity to drive incremental revenue from your customers.

It’s also an awesome place to expose your customers to new products and new categories your brand offers that they otherwise might not have seen on your site if they are coming through a tight acquisition funnel. The potential to dramatically alter your customer LTV by getting them to take a post-purchase upsell through Rebuy is huge.

Rebuy’s post-purchase platform allows brands to create branded post-purchase solutions with Smart Flows, Dynamic Discounts, Limited Time Offers, Split Testing, and Multi Flow options. With Rebuy's proprietary AI and custom rules, businesses can go beyond basic post-purchase offers, delivering upselling and down-selling functions tailored to customer responses.

Dynamic Merchandising via Rebuy

Rebuy's Merchandising empowers D2C brands with the most intelligent shopping experiences for their customers. Rebuy combines its proprietary prediction engine with custom data sources, providing real-time insights, conversion data, product properties, and self-training AI. D2C brands are able to Seamlessly integrate personalized merchandising widgets with A/B Testing for continuous optimization, ensuring the right products and messages reach the right audience at the right time.

Rebuy Merchandising

Other Core Personalization Features of Rebuy

There are a few other core products from Rebuy to highlight like their checkout extensions and Smart Links — I don’t personally use these products, but through 1-800-D2C, we know many brands who leveraging them to drive millions of dollars in annual revenue.

Rebuy Checkout Extensions:

Rebuy's Checkout Extensions empower Shopify Plus stores to boost Average Order Value (AOV) and drive conversions with timely, intelligent product recommendations on the checkout page. Using Rebuy's data-powered Rules Engine, D2C brand can leverage customizable recommendations, flexible placements, and accelerated payments contribute to increased profitability.

Rebuy Smart Links:

Rebuy's Smart Links™ enhance the buying journey with pre-filled, pre-configured, and personalized links, connecting the customer experience across channels. Smart Links enable D2C brands to offer pre-filled carts, automatic discounts, banner messages, and dynamic URL destinations. Shareable from anywhere, Smart Links™ seamlessly integrate into various campaigns, optimizing conversion and driving shoppers to specialized landing pages.

Rebuy Pricing Model

Rebuy has a unique pricing model based off of the revenue your brand generates from their products. Rebuy calls this Rebuy Generated Revenue and aligns their pricing plans around it.

For all brands, Rebuy offers you a 21-day free trial, an ROI guarantee (meaning that they will prove the value of their platform before asking you to pay) and a money-back guarantee if you don’t find value in it.

Rebuy Pricing Model

Rebuy offers 5 pricing plans for D2C brands based on the revenue you generate from their tool:

Starter - $99/month and up to $4,000 in Rebuy Generated Revenue

Scale - $249/month and up to $10,000 in Rebuy Generated Revenue

Pro - $499/month and up to $20,000 in Rebuy Generated Revenue

Grow - $749/month and up to $30,000 in Rebuy Generated Revenue

Enterprise - $999/month and up to $40,000 in Rebuy Generated Revenue

Their pricing might feel a bit expensive at the start, but if you really do take advantage of all of the products that they offer, it will provide significantly more value to your brand.

Our Rebuy Recommendation

Overall, I am quite happy with the value Rebuy provides to my D2C brand. You can see below that Rebuy has generated almost $100,000 for us in the period that we have used the tool. We pay them around $499/month to get access to all of the features, so it has a very clear ROI for us.

Rebuy Generated Revenue

If you’re considering Rebuy and you mention that you came from 1-800-D2C, they will give you an extra $1,000 in free Rebuy Generated Revenue to test out the tool. (If not, message us and we will chase them down for you).

Personally, while I always wish SaaS tools would lower their prices, I can see us sticking with Rebuy for a very long time and eventually replacing all of our other apps with their consolidated platform.

You can install Rebuy here if you are interested. Let them know you came from 1-800-D2C and make sure that they give you our special offer!

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